MaMaCatCat (stop_breathe_go) wrote in devildoglovers,

Entering into civilian life

So.. who else has made the step into civilian life?

Yea, there's plenty of awkward things to deal with...ONE of which is insurance.
Yay, we'll finally have something besides tricare, maybe doctors will actually want to see us now!

The problem now is, my husband was completely misinformed, (as usually! ooh fuckin rah!!!) and we DO NOT have transitional health insurance.
Our coverage apparently ended the day he got out of the Marines. Why? I don't know. But he was under the impression that we would still have Tricare for another 3 months after he got out of the Marines to give us time to find another provider.

Well, guess what? We don't! Me, my husband, and our 17 month old daughter, now have NO INSURANCE.

We have had no insurance since July 6, his last day in the Marines.

My question is:
What do I do now?? I don't know how to shop for health insurance. I don't even know how to shop for groceries half the time!!! I just trust my husband with this crap, and he takes care of it. Only this time, he shrugs and says "We'll figure it out."
Um, hello? Our daughter is 1 and a half, what if something happens to her and we have no insurance???
Are you kidding?

So yea, he is the 'leader' and 'in charge' of our relationship. He wears the pants, so to speak. But I hold everything together. So, really, who wears the pants?
Yea, that would be me.

Only I am so frickin clueless.
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