electricxbarbie (electricxbarbie) wrote in devildoglovers,

so yea.....

I  think I am going to join the Marine Corps


Yes I have been thinking about this for a couple months now.. Geoffrey and I talked about it.... Cause I can't stay committed to one job so y not.. I  was like I know I can do it.. once my mind gets going I know  I can do it.. but I am such a girlie girl that I am not sure .....theres half my body saying yes and the other saying HELL NO ..lol Geoff and I talked about it .. I know it will help with money...but yea...I think I need to talk to a Female Marine!.....And I need advise.. like what I should prepare myself for..if i do ..do it..i know i can't really prepare but ..you know..Im just nervous I wont be able to do a few things..and what if I fail.. thats what I am worried about..
so yea tell me what u think..

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