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Jacksonville Ladies- hope this is allowed [Saturday,
March 21st 2009 @ 1:19]

Im having a Spa Party at my home on the 18th of april at 6 do not have to buy anything at all its just a stress free night at my home where you can be pampered and to try to get to know more people Im new to the area and hope some of you can make it. Im in the Abbington Place Apartments. If you would like to come just post a comment and I can give you the info
Semper Fi

Entering into civilian life [Tuesday,
July 22nd 2008 @ 7:07]

So.. who else has made the step into civilian life?

Yea, there's plenty of awkward things to deal with...ONE of which is insurance.
Yay, we'll finally have something besides tricare, maybe doctors will actually want to see us now!

The problem now is, my husband was completely misinformed, (as usually! ooh fuckin rah!!!) and we DO NOT have transitional health insurance.
Our coverage apparently ended the day he got out of the Marines. Why? I don't know. But he was under the impression that we would still have Tricare for another 3 months after he got out of the Marines to give us time to find another provider.

Well, guess what? We don't! Me, my husband, and our 17 month old daughter, now have NO INSURANCE.

We have had no insurance since July 6, his last day in the Marines.

My question is:
What do I do now?? I don't know how to shop for health insurance. I don't even know how to shop for groceries half the time!!! I just trust my husband with this crap, and he takes care of it. Only this time, he shrugs and says "We'll figure it out."
Um, hello? Our daughter is 1 and a half, what if something happens to her and we have no insurance???
Are you kidding?

So yea, he is the 'leader' and 'in charge' of our relationship. He wears the pants, so to speak. But I hold everything together. So, really, who wears the pants?
Yea, that would be me.

Only I am so frickin clueless.
Semper Fi

Memorial Day [Monday,
May 26th 2008 @ 1:25]

I posted this blog on my myspace for Memorial Day. I thought I'd repost it here, I'm sure you ladies would understand.

Happy Memorial Day.

I've posted quite a few tribute videos tonight on Myspace. Tributes to men and women in uniform. I just do not want today to be about hot dogs and burgers when it's really a day to remember fallen heroes. To really think about what that means.

I'm mourning the loss of people I never knew. It's strange, but isn't that what today is for?

They were somebody's someone, even if I didn't know them somebody else did. They were somebody's brother, son, father..husband. It could've been MY husband. One of the videos I posted is about that, and it is called Somebody's Someone from Lonestar. If you care.

You should care...
cut for length and includes 2 videosCollapse )
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Marine B-day Ball [Thursday,
November 1st 2007 @ 10:39]

[ mood | excited ]

My husband, Charlie, and I are going to the birthday ball in Chattanooga, TN this year. He went to Iraq with this reserve unit and wanted to go to their ball because its his last year in the corps.

I was wondering if there is anyone in this community that will also be at this ball? Just interested in meeting others from here.

Semper Fi

New Member! [Friday,
August 24th 2007 @ 5:05]

1. You and your Marine's name? Nicole and Scott
2.You and your Marine's birth place?I'm a New Yorker, Scott hails from Cleveland
3.How old are you and your Marine? He is 21, I am 22
4.How did you and your Marine meet? Now that's an interesting story. A year ago I signed up for Operation Military Support. It is an organization that sends you the address of a deployed military member that doesn't receive mail, so they can have support from home. I would just send him letters and socks and the usual deployment package stuff. Then we began speaking on the phone. We decided to meet when he came home, and we've been together ever since. I know that we're absolutely nuts, but I've never been happier.
5. Where are you currently living? I'm in New York with my parents while he's deployed (again)
6.Where is/was your Marine stationed? Camp Lejeune
7. How long have you been together {include anniversary date}? 1 year August 7th
8. What do you like best about your marine? Scott is the most thoughtful person I've ever known. He's one of those marvelous creatures that can anticipate everyone's wants and needs and does his best to make everyone around him comfortable. He loves animals. He's the kind of guy who pulls over his car to move a turtle out of the road.
9. Post a picture that you would like on the members page.
{2} Semper Fi

August 13th 2007 @ 3:49]

so yea.....

I  think I am going to join the Marine Corps


Yes I have been thinking about this for a couple months now.. Geoffrey and I talked about it.... Cause I can't stay committed to one job so y not.. I  was like I know I can do it.. once my mind gets going I know  I can do it.. but I am such a girlie girl that I am not sure .....theres half my body saying yes and the other saying HELL NO Geoff and I talked about it .. I know it will help with money...but yea...I think I need to talk to a Female Marine!.....And I need advise.. like what I should prepare myself for..if i do it..i know i can't really prepare but know..Im just nervous I wont be able to do a few things..and what if I fail.. thats what I am worried about..
so yea tell me what u think..

{3} Semper Fi

hello [Thursday,
July 12th 2007 @ 4:31]
[ mood | bored ]

Oh my gosh, I haven't logged into LJ in so long.. let alone post in here! How has everyone been?? My life has been absolute chaos! We last time I posted in here I was still living in California at CP. Now we've moved back east to Quantico (in VA, where I'm originally from) and my husband is an instructor. I also got pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy back in February! He will be 5 months old on July 26.. I can't believe it! We had a great pregnancy.. horrible and traumatic delivery. My son, Alexander, was almost 9 lbs and 21.25" long.. big boy! Thankfully we've gotten him on a schedule which is making life 1,00000000000000000 times easier! We can't wait to move out of here though.. with having a new baby and all of our family around, we're going crazy! Plus this humidity is going to be the death of me! I also really miss having friends around and doing things.. Everyone was right, once you have kids no one wants to be your friend anymore. I feel like I have the plague or something, that and everyone moved away so we dont' know anyone other than family here anymore.

Anyone in VA want to get together? I'M BORED!

{9} Semper Fi

May 31st 2007 @ 11:46]

Hey Ladies!

I just joined this community because my hubby is deployed to Iraq for the 2nd time and I thought this would be a good place to get some extra support when I need it.

{1} Semper Fi

I'M NEW [Thursday,
May 31st 2007 @ 11:42]

You and your Marine's name? Megan & Bobby

You and your Marine's birth place? Me - NY but grew up in CT
Him - CT

How old are you and your Marine? 29-me 24-him

How did you and your Marine meet? back in our home town

Where are you currently living? NC

Where is/was your Marine stationed? Camp Lejeune

How long have you been together {include anniversary date}? 12/21/04 married 9/3/05

What do you like best about your marine? The way his chooses to live his life and they way he loves no matter what.

Our Wedding 2005
{1} Semper Fi

New to the group [Monday,
May 28th 2007 @ 4:52]

 You and your Marine's name?Lisa and Neal

 You and your Marine's birth place? FL-me, VA-him

 How old are you and your Marine? 21-me 25-him

 How did you and your Marine meet? throught unusual circumstances

 Where are you currently living?Oceanside ca

 Where is/was your Marine stationed? he's stationed at camp Pen.

How long have you been together {include anniversary date}? since november 06

 What do you like best about your marine? Thats a tuff one cause he has alot of good qualities, but he does have bad ones. He's always been there for me.

Semper Fi

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